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8th July 2022 Project
8th July 2022 Project

356pcs 8m 100w Solar Street Light in Ethiopia


Lecuso's Installation of 450 Units of 7-Meter, 60W Double Arm Philips Chip Solar Street Lights in Nigeria

In an unprecedented effort to promote sustainable energy and improve public safety in Nigeria, Lecuso, a global leader among solar street lights manufacturers, has successfully implemented a project involving the installation of 450 units of 7-meter, 60W double-arm solar street lights. Each of these lights is powered by the highly efficient and reliable Philips chip, reflecting a harmonious blend of technological innovation and sustainability.

Lecuso's approach to this project was underpinned by the vision to provide an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable lighting solution. The Philips chip solar street light, known for its superior performance and durability, proved to be an ideal choice, ensuring excellent luminous efficacy and long-lasting performance.

The unique double-arm design of these 7-meter, 60W LED solar street lights allowed for expanded illumination coverage. This strategic design element was key in providing increased lighting on Nigerian streets, enhancing night-time safety for both pedestrians and motorists.

Incorporating sensor technology, the solar lights installed by Lecuso are designed to respond to changes in ambient light. These sensor solar lights automatically dim or brighten, optimizing energy consumption and contributing to the longevity of the lighting systems.

In line with Lecuso's commitment to quality and performance, each solar light was meticulously manufactured to withstand Nigeria's climatic conditions. This attention to detail, paired with the use of top-grade materials, ensured that each LED solar street light delivered consistent and reliable performance.

8th July 2022 Project
8th July 2022 Project

356pcs 8m 100w Solar Street Light in Ethiopia


Lecuso's Solar Illumination Initiative: Implementation of 356 Units of 8-Meter, 100W Solar Street Lights in Ethiopia

As a pioneer in the field of sustainable energy solutions, Lecuso recently undertook a significant street light project in Ethiopia. The initiative saw the successful installation of 356 units of 8-meter, 100W integrated solar lights, showcasing Lecuso's commitment to providing the best cheap solar lights without compromising on quality and performance.

The heart of this project was the 100-watt solar light, a potent solution that delivered powerful, efficient, and consistent illumination. Each solar light 100-watt unit is a testament to Lecuso's promise of delivering superior quality LED light solar fixtures that effectively brighten up public spaces while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Moreover, Lecuso is a leading lighting pole manufacturer to ensure that each 8-meter pole was engineered to withstand Ethiopia's 160km/h wind varying weather conditions

The solar lights installed were also equipped with a self-cleaning solar panel feature,an innovation that further enhanced their sustainability and reduced maintenance efforts. This feature is particularly beneficial in a dusty environment like Ethiopia, ensuring the solar panels' efficiency isn't compromised due to dust accumulation.

5th Jan 2022 Project
5th Jan 2022 Project

100pcs 6m 50w led street light in Maldives


In the picturesque Maldives, a significant infrastructural enhancement initiative has been realized with the implementation of 100 pieces of 6-meter tall, 50W AC LED street lighting. This venture stands as a testament to the application of high-efficiency lighting systems designed to meet the needs of this tropical paradise.

we use dialux evaluation allowed us to strategically position each light for optimal illumination coverage and electrical efficiency.

Each pole was securely anchored into a robust base to ensure stability against the tropical climate. Thereafter, we installed the 50W AC LED light fixtures, each calibrated with dusk-to-dawn sensors for automated operation, reducing the need for manual intervention.

The AC street led lights were set to deliver a bright, white light, designed to provide clear visibility while also creating a safe and inviting atmosphere for both residents and tourists.

In summary, this project has significantly elevated the night-time landscape of the Maldives and reflects our commitment to efficient and sustainable infrastructure development. Every evening, these 100 led light street light up the streets, offering energy-efficient illumination while minimizing environmental impact. This endeavor is a clear demonstration of the Maldives' progressive approach towards sustainable urbanization and energy conservation.

5th August 2021 Project
5th August 2021 Project

245PCS 120W Smart led street light in Bangkok Thailand

smart led street light

The LECUSO smart LED street light in Bangkok, Thailand, its function is to automatically on and off, combined with the LORA gateway, according to different seasons and times, traffic, traffic and weather conditions and other statistical data and sensor data, and through remote means to adjust the brightness and control of the street lights The lighting service area realizes the optimization of public services and improves efficiency and reduces costs. Our company can provide 30w-300w led street lights, which are suitable for providing professional customized solutions for different installation heights.

12th June 2020 Project
12th June 2020 Project

135PCS All in one solar street light in UAE Dubai Park


LECUSO ALL-IN-ONE Solar Street Lights ,also called integrated solar street light which integrates the green energy parts solar panel, LED Lamp and the LiFePO4 battery into a single product with human intelligence induction system to control the lighting mode automatically. We have 5W-120W integrated/all in one led solar street light for customer choosing and can customized according to customer’s requirements!
Customers have greatly appreciated the quality of our products after watching our integration, and believe that in the future, there will be more in-depth cooperation between us.

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